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Name Assigned
Badger, Edward 0th   
Bahnmiller, Melvin 0th   
Bailey, Louis 0th   
Baker, Jess 0th   
Baker, John 41st BG    41st HQ
Bales, Russel 29th TPG    100th
Ball, A h w 4th PRU    682nd PRS
Ball, James 25th BG    417th
Ball, Lewis 113rd AFBU   
Banning, Richard 0th   
Barber, Joseph 94th BG    332nd
Barna, Norman 1337th AFBU   
Barnes, Elbert 2nd FRG    4th
Barringer, Joe 1327th AFBU   
Bartlett, Robert 79th FG    85th FS
Barton, Harold 1325th AFBU    3rd
Baskett, Judson 1304th AFBU   
Bauer, Clarence 0th   
Bauer, Clarence 0th   
Baughn, Robert 29th TPG    301st
Baughn, Robert 0th   
Bayliss, Edgar 0th    4th
Beahan, Kermit 0th   
Beales, Frank 0th   
Beasley, Donnie 1st TPG   
Beckman, Hyman 827th BG    484th BS
Beene, William 0th   
Bell, Morgan 0th FRG   
Bell, Perry 6th FRG    28th
Belzowski, Frank 0th   
Bennett, James 0th   
Berberick, Charles 1145th QMCSG    62nd SG
Berenson, Norris 0th   
Berthelson, Walter 1330th AFBU   
Berube, Joseph 1330th AFBU   
Bieman, Donald 0th   
Billings, D 7th FRG    90th
Birdsall, James 0th    CCU
Birdsong, Neil 0th   
Black, Robert 0th   
Black, Vernon 2nd PRG    7th
Blair, Marshall 7th FRG    7th
Blakemore, William 0th   
Bliss, Charles 0th   
Bliss, Charles 0th   
Blomker, Arthur 29th TPG    301st
Blue, Maxwell 0th   
Boehm, Leonard 1330th AFBU   
Boggus, Jewell 443rd TCG    315th
Boisdore, Val 68th OG    122nd OS
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