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Name Assigned
Bachemin, Clifford 15th AF    15th HQ
Bachman, George 5th PRG    15th PRS
Bachus, Ralph 15th AF    154th WRS
Badger, Edward 0th    0th
Baer, Richard 20th AFHQ    20th
Bagby, Wilbur 340th BG    489th BS
Baggarly, William 43rd ASG    1441st ORD
Bahnmiller, Melvin 0th    0th
Bahnson, Francis 20th AFHQ    20th
Bailey, Donald 20th AFHQ    20th
Bailey, Warren 18th ADG    84th DRS
Bain, Edwin 15th AF    15th HQ
Baines, Ben 15th FC    15th HQ
Baker, Arthur 306th BW    306th HQ
Baker, Francis 9th AF    68th
Baker, Jess 0th    0th
Baker, John 41st BG    41st HQ
Baldwin, Owen 15th AFSC    81st
Ball, A h w 4th PRU    682nd PRS
Ballard, Dewey 5th PRG    68th PRS
Ballew, John 33rd FG    58th FS
Banes, Albert 15th AF    15th HQ
Banning, Derrick 15th AF    15th HQ
Banning, Richard 0th    0th
Banta, Frank 20th AFHQ    20th
Baranchick, Milton 15th AF    15th HQ
Barbee, Gerald 15th AF    15th HQ
Barber, Joseph 304th BW    304th HQ
Bare, Richard 20th AFHQ    20th
Barfoot, Thomas 3rd PRG    12nd PRS
Barlow, James 306th FW    306th HQ
Barnes, Cecil 20th AFHQ    20th
Barnes, Charles 15th AF    15th HQ
Barnes, Walter 38th ASG    83rd ASS
Barnum, David 15th AF    516th ASG
Barr, Percy 15th AF    15th HQ
Barrett, Robert 33rd FG    60th FS
Bartlett, Robert 79th FG    85th FS
Bartlett, Theodore 15th AF    96th RS
Bartow, Francis 324th SG    1002nd ASS
Bass, Bernie 33rd FG    59th FS
Bateman, Richard 20th AFHQ    20th
Batkin, Sanford 20th AFHQ    20th
Bauer, Clarence 0th    0th
Bauer, Clarence 0th    0th
Bauer, Florence 15th AF    96th WHQ
Baugh, Harold 5th PRG    15th PRS
Baum, Harry 20th AFHQ    20th
Baumgartner, Frederick 20th AFHQ    20th
Baxter, Clarence 15th AFSC    81st
Beach, William 5th PGR    15th PRS
Beahan, Kermit 0th    0th
Bean, Robert 15th AF    15th HQ
Bearden, Edward 15th AF    71st PRG
Beart, Robert 20th AFHQ    20th
Beatty, Ibrie 33rd FG    59th FS
Bechard, Conrad 15th AF    1051st SG
Beckman, Hyman 827th BG    484th BS
Becknell, Neal 5th PRG    15th PRS
Beebe, Richard 15th AF    420th SC
Beene, Denver 324th SG    339th ASS
Beerli, Stanley 5th BW    5th HQ
Beers, George 15th AF    82nd PRG
Beggs, Carl 33rd FG    59th FS
Belanger, Philip 20th AFHQ    20th
Belknap, Elbert 20th AFHQ    20th
Bell, Lester 20th AFHQ    20th
Bellah, Jesse 15th AF    15th HQ
Belzowski, Frank 0th    0th
Bender, Albert 15th AF    15th HQ-MED
Benner, Patterson 20th AFHQ    20th
Bennett, James 20th AFHQ    20th
Bennett, James 0th    0th
Bennett, William 38th FG    307th FS
Bennin, Phillip 0th    0th
Benson, Roy 64th TCG    18th TCS
Bentley, Orville 15th AF    516th ASG
Berenson, Norris 0th    0th
Berg, Milton 20th AFHQ    20th
Bergdoll, Charles 20th AFHQ    20th
Berger, Augustus 5th PRG    36th PRS
Berger, Kenneth 15th AF    81st ASS
Bergman, Sune 55th BW    342nd SC
Berry, Edwin 3rd PRG    5th PRS
Bever, Walter 5th PRG    15th PRS
Bevilacqua, Carl 15th AF    68th RS
Beyer, Edward 15th AF    81st ASS
Biddle, Clare 64th TCG    16th TCS
Bieman, Donald 0th    0th
Bigby, Charles 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Biggs, John 15th AF    68th PRG
Biggs, John 15th AF    68th PRG
Billker, Frank 20th AFHQ    20th
Bingham, Irwin 304th BW    304th HQ
Bird, A 55th BW    55th HQ
Bird, John 15th AF    82nd RS
Birdsall, James 0th    0th CCU
Birdsong, Neil 0th    0th
Bishop, Joseph 20th AFHQ    20th
Bishop, Lynn 33rd FG    58th FS
Black, Robert 0th    0th
Blacker, Rex 55th BW    55th HQ
Blackshire, Joseph 15th AF    68th PRG
Blades, Robert 15th AF    82nd PRG
Blair, Ben 33rd FG    58th FS
Blakemore, William 0th    0th
Bland, John 33rd FG    58th FS
Blaushild, David 5th PRG    4th PTS
Bliss, Charles 0th    0th
Bliss, Charles 0th    0th
Block, Andrew 15th AF    68th HQ
Blue, Daniel 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Blue, Maxwell 0th    0th
Bodo, George 55th BW    55th HQ
Bohannon, Donald 81st FG    91st FS
Boisdore, Val 68th OG    122nd OS
Bolek, Florence 15th AF    96th WHQ
Bolek, Louis 15th AF    15th HQ
Bond, Paul 15th AF    60th SVG
Bonin, Dwight 55th BW    55th HQ
Bonner, William 33rd FG    60th FS
Boozer, Hugh 64th TCG    16th TCS
Borchert, Randall 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Born, Charles 15th AF    15th HQ
Bothwell, Frederick 15th AF    15th GS
Boughton, Merlyn 5th PRG    15th PRS
Boughton, Walter 20th AFHQ    20th
Bounds, James 5th PRG    37th PRS
Bowen, Clifford 5th BG    37th BS
Bowen, Edward 0th    0th
Bower, Philip 20th AFHQ    20th
Bowerman, James 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Bowling, Gene 20th AFHQ    20th
Bowman, Melvyn 5th BG    15th BS
Bowman, Robert 20th AFHQ    20th
Boyd, John 5th PRG    0th HQ
Boyle, David 20th AFHQ    20th
Bozzi, Camillo 15th AF    1053rd MP
Brackett, Donald 324th ASG    6644th OASC
Bradshaw, Clair 15th AF    68th RS
Bradshaw, Dale 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Brady, Roscoe 15th AF    154th WRS
Brandon, Harry 20th AFHQ    20th
Bremen, Harry 15th AF    0th HQ
Brennan, James 15th AF    154th WRS
Brennan, John 0th    0th
Brewer, Edwin 15th AF    15th HQ
Brewster, Ernest 20th AFHQ    20th
Bright, John 15th AF    15th HQ
Brinkley, John 0th    0th
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