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Name Assigned
Dahlin, David 5th PRG    5th HQ
Dahlquist, Cornelius 62nd ASG    348th ASS
Daibey, Ross 5th BG    15th BS
Dallaire, Albert 15th AF    15th HQ
Dalton, Clarence 20th AFHQ    20th
Dalton, John 0th    0th
Daly, Edward 33rd FG    59th FS
Daly, Edward 33rd FG    59th FS
Daly, Edward 58th FG    317th FS
Daniel, Robert 0th    0th
Daniels, Kenneth 15th AF    68th PRG
Daniels, Orville 15th AF    82nd PRG
David, Harold 20th AFHQ    20th
Davie, Victor 38th ASG    2092nd EA FIRE FP
Davies, Daniel 38th ASG    2092nd EA FIRE FP
Davies, Edward 38th ASG    2092nd EA FIRE FP
Davis, Everett 15th AF    81st ASS
Davis, Gordon 20th AFHQ    20th
Davis, Max 0th BG    0th BS
Davis, Raymond 15th AF    317th SWC
Davis, Robert 20th AFHQ    20th
Davis, Robert 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Davis, Robert 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Davis, Thomas 0th    0th
Davis, Walter 3rd PRG    12nd PRS
Davis, Whitfield 0th    0th
Davis, William 33rd FG    58th FS
Day, John 20th AFHQ    20th
Day, Leonard 62nd SVG    331st ASS
Daye, John 5th BG    37th BS
Dayton, Lewis 15th AF    15th HQ
De Armond, James 15th AF    15th HQ
De Baby, Ralph 319th BG    438th BS
De La Garza, Isaac 15th AF    81st ASS
De Linck, Martin 60th ASG    60th HQ
De Marco, Henry 15th AF    317th SWC
De Vittorio, Henry 49th BW    0th HQ
Deal, Keith 20th AFHQ    20th
Deal, Rayford 33rd FG    59th FS
Deal, Rayford 33rd FG    59th FS
Decker, Damon 5th BG    37th BS
Deden, John 5th BG    15th BS
Dehougne, Irene 15th AF    96th WHQ
Delany, Edwin 304th BW    304th HQ
Delbridge, Thomas 49th BW    49th HQ
Dellahunt, Ray 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Dellahunt, Ray 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Deming, Joseph 5th BW    5th HQ
Demsko, Walter 304th BW    304th HQ
Desilva, Peer 20th AFHQ    20th
Dessel, Murray 20th AFHQ    20th
Deterville, Fred 324th ASG    339th ASS
Dewey, George 0th    0th
Dewitt, Earl 49th BW    49th HQ
Di Donato, Arthur 15th AF    15th QM
Dickens, Kenneth 324th SG    339th SS
Dickerson, Joseph 15th AF    15th HQ
Dickinson, Clarence 350th FG    346th FS
Dickinson, Earl 15th AF    15th SC
Dier, Stephen 5th BW    5th HQ
Digeronimo, William 15th AF    71st OMC
Dillard, Emil 20th AFHQ    20th
Dillon, Gerald 20th AFHQ    20th
Dingle, Earl 20th AFHQ    20th
Dinker, William 15th AF    96th TRS
Dinneen, Virgil 5th PRG    15th PRS
Dixon, Paul 20th AFHQ    20th
Dixon, Theodore 15th AF    81st ASS
Dobbins, Donald 15th FC    15th HQ
Dodd, A 15th AF    15th HQ
Dodson, Joe 0th    0th
Dollinger, Harold 15th AF    71st RS
Don_elly, Joe 15th AF    15th HQ
Doncyson, Dorothy 15th AF    96th WHQ
Donnelly, Frank 0th    0th
Donohue, Patrick 0th BG    0th BS
Doolittle, James 12nd AF    12nd NASAF
Dornan, Gladys 15th AF    96th WHQ
Dorney, William 20th AFHQ    20th
Dorton, Randall 0th    0th
Doty, James 15th AF    68th PRG
Doty, William 47th BG    47th HQ
Dougherty, Charles 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Dougherty, Roderick 15th AF    81st ASS
Doughty, Jesse 517th ASG    767th AMS
Douglas, Edwin 15th AF    15th HQ
Dow, Hugh 350th FG    346th FS
Dowell, Frank 60th ASG    1436th ORD
Dowling, Philip 305th FW    305th HQ
Downey, Charles 0th BG    0th BS
Downey, Maurice 20th AFHQ    20th
Dowswell, John 0th    0th
Doyle, George 0th    0th
Doyle, Roger 320th BG    438th BS
Drake, William 15th AF    71st PRG
Dreyer, Sherman 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Dschuden, Ralph 15th AF    15th HQ
Dubowe, Alfred 15th AF    81st ASS
Duffy, John 62nd ASG    62nd HQ
Dugan, Joseph 15th AF    15th MC
Duncan, Berry 33rd FG    59th FS
Duncan, Charles 33rd FG    58th FS
Duncan, William 15th AF    15th HQ
Dundas, Donald 15th AF    15th HQ
Dunford, James 38th ASG    2092nd EA FIRE FP
Dunham, Richard 15th AF    1053rd MPC
Dunkerley, Daniel 9999th    0th
Dunlap, Robert 15th AF    15th ORD
Dunn, Douglas 0th    0th
Dunn, Frank 3rd PRG    3rd HQ
Durham, John 15th AF    71st PRG
Dussart, Alice 15th AF    96th WHQ
Duthie, Charles 15th AF    82nd PRG
Dutton, Joseph 41st ADG    41st DRS
Dwyer, Joseph 324th ASG    1002nd SCSG
Dyas, John 12nd SC    154th OS
Dykhouse, Sybrant 5th PRG    37th PRS
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