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Name Assigned
Dahlberg, Harold 0th   
Daitz, Lewis 24th CPG   
Dallen, John 1345th AFBU   
Dalton, John 0th   
Daly, Edward 58th FG    317th FS
Damann, C 480th ASG    2nd
Daniel, Robert 0th   
Daum, Harry 4th FRG    26th
Davidson, G 1340th AFBU   
Davidson, Junior 349th TCG    313rd
Davis, Max 0th BG    BS
Davis, Thomas 0th   
Davis, Whitfield 0th   
Dawes, William 1337th AFBU   
de Monteverde, Alfred 4th FRG   
Deaux, John 0th   
DeBardeleban, William 0th    207th
Delamater, Ray 0th   
Delonga, Peter R, Peter 1332nd AFBU   
Dempsey, William 4th FRG    26th
Deviner, David 1328th AFBU   
Dewey, George 0th   
Dial, Kenneth 0th BG   
Dick, Thomas 1303rd AFBU   
Dickens, Britt 46th BG    87th
Dietzel, John 1330th AFBU   
Dixon, John 1344th AFBU   
Dobda, Michael 391st BG    573rd
Dodenhoff, Kenneth 0th   
Dodson, Joe 0th   
Dolan, William 1377th AFBU   
Dole, Karl 1345th AFBU   
Donabedian, Anthony 1st TPG    3rd
Donnelly, Frank 0th   
Donohue, Patrick 0th BG    BS
Dorton, Randall 0th   
Doughty, Jesse 517th ASG    767th AMS
Douglass, Wilbur 0th CAFD   
Dowden, Max 0th    625th
Downey, Charles 0th BG    BS
Dowswell, John 0th   
Doyle, George 0th   
Dozier, David 26th FC    32nd
Dreger, Fred 1337th AFBU   
Drennan, Robert 1337th AFBU   
Drotar, George 0th   
Drumm, Austin 0th    1st
Duffey, William 1328th AFBU   
Dufur, Theodore 1326th AFBU   
Dunkerley, Daniel 9999th   
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