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Name Assigned
Fairbank, William 20th AFHQ    20th
Fant, Samuel 5th BG    37th BS
Farkas, Geza 15th AF    15th HQ
Farley, James 5th PRG    37th PRS
Farley, Stanley 57th FG    317th FS
Farrell, Michael 0th    0th
Farrell, Thomas 20th AFHQ    20th
Faust, Jerome 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Faver, Wilfred 33rd FG    59th FS
Fawcett, John 324th SG    0th
Fay, William 49th BW    49th HQ
Featherston, Bolden 15th AF    15th HQ
Fedelchak, Paul 15th AF    15th PRS
Feeley, James 304th BG    304th HQ
Felkerson, Leslie 15th AF    15th HQ
Felknor, Robert 55th BW    55th HQ
Fennell, Vernon 55th BW    55th HQ
Fennessey, James 0th    0th
Few, Albert 33rd FG    60th FS
Fidelman, Arthur 49th BW    49th HQ
Fidler, Douglas 15th AF    82nd PRG
Field, Lyle 15th AF    359th ASS
Fieldhouse, Robert 15th AF    154th BS
Finch, Horace 12nd SC    154th OS
Finke, John 20th AFHQ    20th
Finn, Jack 15th AF    154th WRS
Fischer, Amelia 15th AF    96th WHQ
Fischer, Andrew 0th    0th
Fisher, Helen 15th AF    82nd WHQ
Fisher, William 20th AFHQ    20th
Fisk, Delbert 5th PRG    37th PRS
Fite , Ernst 0th    0th
Fitzgerald, Edward 304th BW    304th HQ
Fiumecel, Albert 15th AF    68th PRG
Fix, George 20th AFHQ    20th
Flaherty, Maurice 55th BW    55th HQCC
Flaig, Edward 20th AFHQ    20th
Fletcher, Harry 12nd AF    12nd HQ
Flick, Arthur 5th BW    5th HQ
Floyd, Charlie 15th AF    450th SIG HCB CO-A
Follis, Thomas 5th PRG    32nd PRS
Foote, John 15th AF    71st PRG
Forbes, K b 4th PRU    682nd PRS
Ford, Edward 15th AF    15th HQ
Foreman, Pershing 15th AF    68th PRG
Forrest, William 304th BW    304th HQ
Fortner, Roy 15th AF    154th WRS
Foster, John 15th AF    15th HQ
Foster, Raymond 15th AF    71st PRG
Foulks, James 20th AFHQ    20th
Fowler, Thomas 20th AFHQ    20th
Fowls, Frank 0th    0th
Fox, Francis 0th    0th
Fox, Wayne 20th AFHQ    20th
Frackman, Leonard 20th AFHQ    20th
Francis, Katherine 15th AF    95th WHQ
Franco, Joseph 827th BG    484th BS
Frank, Clinton 15th AF    96th RG
Franklin, Gordon 15th AF    154th WRS
Franklin, Truman 5th BG    15th BS
Franko, Charles 33rd FG    59th FS
Frazer, William 15th AF    15th HQ
Frazier, Robert 15th AF    68th PRG
Frazier, Robert 15th AF    68th RG
Freeman, James 3rd PRG    12nd PRS
French, Arnold 20th AFHQ    20th
Friedman, Joseph 15th FC    15th HQ
Friedman, Leon 68th OG    154th OS
Friley, Kenneth 62nd ASG    559th ASS
Fritchman, Neil 43rd ASG    43rd HQ
Froehlich, Vernon 81st FG    93rd FS
Fry, Donald 15th AF    773rd HQB
Fry, James 324th ASG    350th ASS
Fry, Ralph 20th AFHQ    20th
Frye, Donald 0th    0th
Frymire, William 15th AF    15th HQ
Fuchs, Louis 306th BW    306th HQ
Fuerst, Robert 64th TCG    35th TCS
Fuhrmeister, Ralph 0th    0th
Fulkerson, Carl 20th AFHQ    20th
Fuller, Carson 20th AFHQ    20th
Fuller, Delorise 15th AF    96th WHQ
Fuller, Louis 15th AF    15th HQ
Fulton, Gordon 20th AFHQ    20th
Funke, Robert 33rd FG    60th FS
Showing 85 of 85    

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