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Name Assigned
Haas, James 33rd FRG   
Hale, Lawrence 0th   
Haley, John 0th   
Hamilton, Harold 18th FG    70th
Hammond, Eugene 0th   
Hancock, Holmes 0th   
Handley, Theodore 0th FRG   
Hannigan, Dale 0th    2nd
Hanson, K 134th GP   
Hanzenberger, Alfred 0th    408th
Happ, Jerome 0th   
Haralson, LaBue 43rd RG    64th
Haralson, Richard 0th   
Harding, John 0th   
Hardwick, Donald 0th   
Hardwick, James 0th   
Harris, James 0th   
Harris, Lawrence 1333rd AFBU   
Harris, Richard 1345th AFBU   
Harsh, John 86th FG    318th FBS
Harston, Rodney 0th   
Hatton, Harrison 0th   
Haugen, Carl 0th    29th
Haveland, Leon 1145th QMCSG    62nd SG
Hawal, Leo 0th   
Hayes, Frank 0th   
Haynes, Falvey 0th BG    BS
Haynie, William 1327th AFBU   
Heath, Charles 0th   
Hederstrom, Jack 1337th AFBU   
Heller, Charles 1327th AFBU   
Helms, William 0th    519th
Helscher, Orville 15th MC    162nd MDA
Henderson, Clyde 0th   
Henderson, Jack 0th BG    BS
Hendrickson, Charles 0th    58th
Herestam, Ned 0th   
Herzog, Charles 52nd ASRG    86th
Hess, George 0th FRG   
Higbie, Earl 1337th AFBU   
Higgins, Edward 1325th AFBU   
Higgins, Veral 589th AFBU   
Hill, Archie 78th FG    82nd FS
Hindman, Heyward 0th   
Hinshaw, Edgar 0th   
Hise, James 0th BG    BS
Hoar, Lawrence 1325th AFBU   
Hoffmeister, Donald 80th ADG    80th
Holman, Harley 302nd BG    356th
Holmes, John 28th TPG    98th
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