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Name Assigned
Kabat, Herbert 20th AFHQ    20th
Kandel, Herbert 304th BW    304th HQ
Kantner, Robert 33rd FG    58th FS
Kaper, Norman 305th FW    305th HQ
Kaspervik, William 86th FG    537th FS
Kasprzowski, Joseph 0th    0th
Kasprzyk, Peter 41st ADG    88th DRS
Katz, George 15th SC    15th HQ
Kauerauf, Dan 0th    0th
Kaufman, Morris 43rd ASG    558th ASS
Kazanjy, Jacob 20th AFHQ    20th
Keating, John 15th AF    331st SIG CO
Keeler, Raymond 15th AF    15th ASG
Kegelman, Charles 27th BG    96th BS
Kehl, Raymond 5th PGR    37th PRS
Keister, Donald 0th    0th
Keller, Archie 33rd FG    60th FS
Kelley, Ernest 324th ASG    324th HQ
Kelley, Francis 20th AFHQ    20th
Kellogg, Crawford 20th AFHQ    20th
Kellogg, Ralph 47th WG    0th
Kelly, Clyde 43rd SG    81st ASS
Kelly, Henry 0th    0th
Kelly, Joseph 12nd AF    3rd ADF
Kelsey, Vern 12nd SC    154th OS
Kempton, Merrill 15th AF    15th GSC
Kendall, Frederick 15th AF    15th HQ
Kennedy, John 20th AFHQ    20th
Kennedy, John 15th AF    15th HQ
Kenrick, Earl 33rd FG    60th FS
Kern, Charles 20th AFHQ    20th
Kerr, Martha 15th AF    95th WHQ
Kessinger, Leo 20th AFHQ    20th
Ketcham, William 15th AF    82nd PRG
Ketchum, Paul 20th AFHQ    20th
Keyes, Oliver 0th    0th
Keyte, Kenneth 20th AFHQ    20th
Kieckhaefer, Robert 15th AF    154th WRS
Kierbow, Arthur 15th AF    15th HQ
Killian, Francis 12nd AF    154th ASC
Kimbro, Jesse 15th AF    15th HQ
King, Carmen 5th PRG    32nd PRS
King, John 47th BW    47th HQ
King, John 0th    0th
King, Lee 5th BG    37th BS
King, Stanley 15th AF    1050th MPC
Kirby, Vance 0th    0th
Kirk, Frank 324th ASG    1992nd EFFP
Kirkendall, James 324th FG    315th FS
Kirkpatrick, Elmer 20th AFHQ    20th
Kiss, Reinhold 15th AF    15th HQ
Klein, Edwin 15th AF    71st OMC
Klimaszefski, Thomas 0th    0th
Kline, Robert 0th    0th
Klocko, Richard 350th FG    350th HQ
Klonowski, Victor 43rd SG    81st ASS
Knapp, Waldo 20th AFHQ    20th
Knauf, Leo 15th AF    68th HQ
Knaus, William 530th ASG    530th HQ
Knight, Wilmer 12nd AF    111st Tac RS
Koenigseker, Aaron 0th    0th
Kofler, Charles 15th AF    15th HQ
Kontak, Emil 0th    0th
Korb, Herbert 20th AFHQ    20th
Kraft, Raymond 304th BW    304th HQ
Kraigher, George 0th BG    0th BS
Kramer, Ray 0th    0th
Krasnicki, Frank 0th    0th
Krauss, Arthur 304th BW    304th HQ
Kreps, Conrad 15th AF    15th HQ
Kruta, George 15th AF    68th RS
Kuharske, Cleveland 33rd FG    58th FS
Kuhn, Francis 15th SC    15th HQ
Kujawa, George 15th AF    317th SWC
Kulakoski, Alvin 0th    0th
Kurz, Clarence 15th AF    15th HQ
Kutschera, Walter 15th AF    15th HQ
Kyle, Charles 15th AF    154th WRS
Kyle, Charles 15th AF    154th WRS
Kyle, Reuben 47th BW    47th HQ
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