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Name Assigned
Lackey, Lester 1337th AFBU   
Lamont, Joseph 0th    549th
Lancaster, Jason 0th   
Landhuis, Vernon 0th   
Lang, William 0th   
Lanier, Fulton 1330th AFBU   
Larsen, Hartwig 22nd TPG    78th
Laubacher, Benjamin 1325th AFBU   
Lawrence, Robert 335th BG    476th
Lawton, Frederick 0th   
Lear, John 1328th AFBU   
Lee, James 0th FRG   
Lengel, John 1352nd AFBU   
Leonard, William 1337th AFBU   
LePine, Wilfred 30th TPG   
Levi, Marshall 1337th AFBU   
Lewis, George 0th   
Lewis, William 0th   
Liljergen, Dale 0th   
Lineberger, Robert 1328th AFBU   
Linnane, Joseph 346th BG    461st
Lipman, Aaron 0th BG    BS
Lock, Harry 0th FRG   
Lofland, John 1352nd AFBU   
Logedon, Joseph 24th CpG    344th
Long, Lester 0th   
Long, Robert 2nd FRG    27th
Lopez, Herman 0th FRG   
Love, Bennett 1327th AFBU   
Lovejoy, Dana 0th AF    82nd RS
Lovell, Samuel 1327th AFBU   
Ludwin, Henry 0th   
Luke, Leland 26th ASG    17th
Lynn, Edison 0th   
Lynott, Edward 0th   
Showing 35 of 35    

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