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Name Assigned
Oakes, Alfred 15th AF    15th HQ
Oakley, James 20th AFHQ    20th
Oakley, Morrison 15th AF    15th HQ
Oaks, Verne 15th AF    15th SVC CMD
Oats, Billie 15th AF    416th SIG
O'boyle, James 9th AF    68th
O'connell, B j 4th PRU    682nd PRS
O'conner, William 60th TCG    12nd TCS
O'connor, Joseph 20th AFHQ    20th
O'connor, Paul 15th AF    71st OMC
Odel, Joseph 15th SC    15th HQ
Ogier, Frederick 81st FG    93rd FS
Ogle, Dan 15th AF    15th MC
Ogle, Wesley 15th AF    15th HQ
O'hara, Michael 5th PRG    15th PRS
O'hearn, Joseph 0th    0th
Ohman, Nils 5th BW    5th HQ
Okarma, Joseph 15th AF    15th HQ
O'keefe (o'deefe), Daniel 320th BG    438th BS
Olds, Clifford 15th AF    15th SC
Oliphant, Genevieve 15th AF    96th WHQ
Oliveros, Charles 0th    0th
Olsen, John 37th ASG    2088th EFFP
Olson, Marvin 447th BG    708th BS
Oltmann, Wilbert 15th AF    15th HQ
Opheim, Roger 827th BG    484th BS
O'reilly, Thomas 15th AF    15th HQ
Orr, Bertram 62nd SG    559th ASS
Orsini, Mario 47th BW    47th HQ
Osborn, John 12nd SC    154th OS
Ostazeski, Nicholas 5th BW    5th HQ
Osteen, Rex 20th AFHQ    20th
Ostrander, Robert 15th AF    1051st SCSG
Ottem, Frithjof 15th AF    81st ASS
Owens, Marjorie 15th AF    96th WHQ
Oxell, Henry 15th AF    15th HQ
Ozier, Richard 20th AFHQ    20th
Ozzella, Josephine 15th AF    94th WHQ
Showing 38 of 38    

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