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Name Assigned
Radetsky, Harold 0th   
Rains, W f 4th PRU    282nd PRS
Ramp, Leland 401st AFBU   
Ramsdell, Charles 0th    433rd
Ramsey, James 0th   
Raygoza, John 43rd BG    557th BS
Read, Cortland 0th   
Rees, Howell 55th BG    55th HQ
Reese, Harry 1st TPG    6th
Reginald, Harry 1339th AFBU   
Reichert, Earl 0th   
Reilly, William 450th SHCB    450th SC
Reince, Willard 0th   
Reis, George 0th    4th
Rettinger, George 1327th AFBU   
Rexrode, Charles 20th FRG    71st
Reynolds, William 68th OG    16th OS
Ridgell, Alonzo 1332nd AFBU   
Riley, Robert 0th   
Ring, Theodore 0th   
Rintoul, Thomas 1328th AFBU   
Ripley, Charles 1332nd AFBU   
Ro_off, Stanley 0th   
Roberts, Clark 0th   
Roberts, Edgar 0th BG    BS
Roberts, Harry 1328th AFBU   
Roberts, Hugh 0th FRG   
Roberts, James 91st ASG    91st HQ
Roberts, Thomas 0th   
Roberts, William 0th   
Robin, Leo 0th BG    BS
Robinson, Gordon 0th FRG   
Robinson, John 0th   
Robinson, Lloyd 0th   
Robinson, Norman 1340th AFBU   
Rogers, Arthur 1337th AFBU   
Rohey, Thomas 1342nd AFBU   
Rosaler, Beny 0th   
Rosenblatt, Milton 0th   
Ross, Willys 0th   
Roth, Warren 1346th AFBU   
Roy, Joseph 0th   
Ruchti, James 27th BG    96th BS
Rudolph, Joseph 0th   
Ryan, Benjamin 0th    32nd
Showing 45 of 45    

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