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The US Air Force 1947-Present

B-36 PeacemakerFor decades, men of the Army Air Force fought for making the Air Forces and independent arm of the US Military. Since its inception, the AAC being subordinate to the Army, experienced tensions between levels of command, was relegated to secondary status and was in constant lower position for funding to both the Army and Navy. World War II gave men of the USAAF the prime opportunity to prove their worth and along with skilled leadership finally got their wish, an independent branch of the US Military in 1947.

Led by men like Hap Arnold, the US Air Force established their own independent identity.

In the early years the USAF was staffed by many men who had been in WWII. Many had decided upon a career in the USAF while others were recalled to service by the next conflict, Korea.

Early on, similar uniform styles remained, but the USAF seeking their own identity decided to have blue uniforms made instead of the Army olive drab wools.

The AACLM honors these men and women of the USAF past and present. Our collection and exhibits contain uniforms and materials of those who served in the both the USAAF and USAF as well those who joined after 1947 because of the call of the sky.


LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, VA. (AFPN) -- Two F-22A Raptors taxi down the runway. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Ben Bloker)


   Arrow USAF Syllabus Flight Pilots 1963   A Syllabus of Flight for Pilots 1963, USAFE Pamphlet No. 55-1-1 Pub. 1 June 1963


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