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Army Air Corps Museum Events

We setup displays and attend a number of WWII and 1940s-themed events throughout the year. We also work with other museums and organizations and their events. This allows us to show things from the museum collection, educate the public on this history and honor the men and women who served. Events include airshows, parades, dances, association reunions, militaria shows and much more.

Upcoming Events

Previous Events

Memorial Day Event: Where: dallas, tx

Texas Militaria Expo: Where: cleburne, texas

Texas State Capitol: Where: austin, texas

MOAA Chapter Meeting: Where: fort worth texas

Gun & Militaria Show: Where: dallas, tx

ASMIC Event: Where: grapevine, texas

Dallas Arms Spring Show: Where: dallas, tx

Veterans Day: Where: Cleburne, Texas

Irving Symphony Purple Heart Event: Where: Irving, TX

M.Hills Exhibit: Where: Irving, TX

Texas Militaria Show: Where:

Cleburne Veterans Day: Where: Cleburne, Texas

WWII Bombardment Groups Reunion : A reunion of multiple groups and associations of veterans of WWII based in Italy. Groups participating are the B-24 groups: 376th, 451st, 455th, 461st, 465th 484th and 485th. The Army Air Corps Library and Museum will be providing a special exhibit in the hospitality room for this event. Where: Dallas, Texas [Event Pictures]

Air Show Exhibit: Where: Dallas [Event Pictures]

Khaki To Blue: A Time Capsule of the Air Service, Army Air Corps and US Air Force. Where: Ft. Worth [Event Pictures]

Aviation Exhibit w/ Collings Foundation: Where: Dallas [Event Pictures]

98th Bombardment Group & 15th AF Ploesti Raiders: An exhibit at the reunion of the 98th Bombardment Group with invitees extended to all other Bomb and Fighter groups of the 15th Air Force. Special Honorees are all airmen who flew missions to Ploesti in 1942, 1943 and 1944. Where: [Event Pictures]

World War II - CBI & Pacific Theater: All branches of service in this exhibit of the Pacific and China-Burma-India (CBI) theaters of World War II. Items from all branches of service. Where: [Event Pictures]

Special Aviation Exhibit: Exhibit of all branches of service and their aviation components from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War and Iraq and Afghanistan. Where: [Event Pictures]

Vietnam War Exhibit: A vietnam war exhibit in conjunction with the sons of liberty militaria exhibits group and the ellis county museum. exhibits of all branches of service. Where: [Event Pictures]

Fort Worth Militaria Show: Exhibit. WWII, Pacific Theater. Where: [Event Pictures]

93rd Bombardment Group Reunion: Where:

8th AF 2nd Air Division Reunion: Where: [Event Pictures]

Ft. Worth Militaria Show 2008: Where: Amon Carter Exhibits Hall, Fort Worth Texas [Event Pictures]

World War I Militaria Display: Where: Waxahatchie, Texas [Event Pictures]

Collings Foundation Aircraft B-17, B-24, B-25: Where: Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, Texas [Event Pictures]

EAA Christmas Party Dallas Chapter: Where: Addison Texas [Event Pictures]

82nd Fighter Group Reunion: Where: Dallas Texas [Event Pictures]

2nd Bombardment Group Reunion: Memorabilia Display at the 2nd Bombardment Group Reunion. Where: Houston Texas [Event Pictures]

463rd Bombardment Group Reunion: Memorabilia Display at the 463rd Reunion Where: Dallas, Texas [Event Pictures]

Memorial Day 2007: Warbirds, Displays, Veterans. Where: Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison Texas [Event Pictures]

Fort Worth Militaria Show: We will be displaying items from our collection for the public on saturday & sunday. Over 100 vendors and 100 yards of displays. Where: Amon Carter Exhibits Hall, Fort Worth Texas [Event Pictures]


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