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Honor Roll List

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Name Assigned
Mac Lennan, Roderick 0th   
MacGillvray, Kenneth 1340th AFBU   
Maciejewski, Frank 803rd EAB    803rd B
Mack, S 0th   
MacKenzie, John 0th   
Mackowski, John 803rd EAB    803rd A
Macmillan, Robert 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Maguire, Edward 803rd EAB    803rd B
Magurany, John J, John 1333rd AFBU   
Maher, Lyle 357th FG    363rd
Maheu, Herve 0th   
Malaga, Steve 0th   
Malesko, John 1145th QMCSG    62nd SG
Malor, Stanislaus 803rd EAB    803rd C
Manchester, Russell 0th BG    BS
Manchett, William 302nd BG   
Mancini, Robert 346th BG    503rd
Mandoukas, Nicholas 3rd CCG    11st
Mandoukas, Nicholas 3rd CCG    11st
Mandoukas, Nicholas 0th   
Manfredo, Louis 450th SHCB    450th SC
Mangine, Anthony NMI 1330th AFBU   
Mann , Joseph 803rd EAB    803rd B
Mann, Richard 19th BG    343rd
Mann , William 803rd EAB    803rd B
Marcou, H 0th    405th
Marert, Carl 803rd EAB    803rd B
Marioles, Peter 0th   
Marrs, Loyal 1330th AFBU   
Marrujo, Donacino 91st ASG    91st HQ
Martin, Albert 0th    44th
Martin, George 0th   
Martin, Hollis 803rd EAB    803rd B
Martinez, George 803rd EAB    803rd B
Marvel, Edwin 0th    43rd
Mascola, James 803rd EAB    803rd A
Mason, John 803rd EAB    803rd C
Mast, Hays 1330th AFBU   
Masters, Ray 803rd EAB    803rd A
Masters, William 1337th AFBU   
Mathews, Leonard 15th ASC    15th HQ
Mathias, Nolan 803rd EAB    803rd A
Matlack, Charles 803rd EAB    803rd C
Mattern, Kenneth 803rd EAB    803rd A
Matthews, Fleming 0th   
Matuaka, Louis 1328th AFBU   
Matulewitz, John 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Matuozzi, Robert 803rd EAB    803rd B
Maveaty, Hillyer 1328th AFBU   
Maxon, Warren 0th    32nd
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