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Air Forces IQ Test Number 12

From Air Force, December 1942.

1. The highest award which can be won by a member of the Army Air Forces is:
a. Distinguished Flying Cross
b. Congressional Medal of Honor
c. Distinguished Service Cross
d. Silver Star

2. A Stormovik is:
a. A German paratrooper
b. A Russian drink
c. A wind tee to measure storm velocity
d. A Russian attack bomber

3. Scott Field is located nearest to:
a. Belleville, Illinois
b. Shangri-la
c. Rantoul, Illinois
d. San Antonio, Texas

4. In the R.A.F. a Squadron Leader is the equivalent to our:
a. Lieutenant
b. Captain
c. Major
d. Lieutenant Colonel

1. (b) Congressional Medal of Honor
2. (d) Russian Attack Bomber
3. (a) Belleville, Illinois
4. (c) Major


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