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Name Assigned
Pickup, Christopher 0th   
Pierce, Arthur 803rd EAB    803rd C
Pierce, Frank 1159th AFBU   
Pierce, Richard 0th   
Pieren, Claire 1328th AFBU   
Pierson, Ray 1333rd AFBU   
Pietropolo, John 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Pigott, Edgar 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Pilgrim, Gene 0th   
Pinkston, Dan 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Playford, Harold 1327th AFBU   
Plumb, Marion 0th   
Poland, Robert 0th   
Pollard, Richard 1337th AFBU   
Poor, Albert 2nd FRG   
Pope, John 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Poppell, Harry 1325th AFBU    13rd
Porter, John 0th SSG   
Porter, William 803rd EAB    803rd C
Poster, Joseph 803rd EAB    803rd B
Potts, Hollis 0th BG    BS
Powell, Gerald 0th   
Powell, James 1328th AFBU   
Powell, Thomas 0th   
Power, Joseph 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Powers, Earle 0th   
Powers, John 12nd ASC    12nd HQ
Powers, John 1330th AFBU   
Powers, William 47th ADG    47th
Prater, William 0th   
Pribble, Fred 0th   
Price, John 0th   
Prince, H 0th   
Prince, Hugh 0th   
Pronchik, Fred 803rd EAB    803rd B
Putas, Michael 803rd EAB    803rd C
Pye, Walter 322nd SG    322nd HQ
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