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Service Personnel From Baltimore County, Maryland

Abelson, Sidney (Baltimore)
Adams, Andrew (Baltimore)
Adams, Joseph (Baltimore)
Adamson, Joseph (BALTIMORE)
Albers, Frederick (Baltimore)
Allen, Edgar (Baltimore)
Allen, John (Baltimore)
Alley, Clement (Baltimore)
Anderson, Drew (Baltimore)
Anderson, John (Baltimore)
Antetomaso, Mario (Baltimore)
Appler, Robert (Baltimore)
Arbuthnot, Samuel (Baltimore)
Armstron, Cyril (Baltimore)
Armstrong, Cyril (Baltimore)
Askew, Warren (BALTIMORE)
Atwood, Richard (Baltimore)
Baker, Earl (Baltimore)
Baker, Robert (Baltimore)
Bakutis, Albert (Baltimore)
Balckwell, Hubron (Baltimore)
Balla, Robert (Baltimore)
Banz, Charles (Baltimore)
Bapanoski, John (Baltimore)
Baranouski, Bernard (Baltimore)
Baranowski, Bernard (BALTIMORE)
Baris, David (BALTIMORE)
Barrett, Charles (Baltimore)
Bartlett, Robert (Baltimore)
Bartlett, Stephen (Baltimore)
Baugher, Jacob (Baltimore)
Baummer, Anthony (Baltimore)
Bayrle, Richard (Baltimore)
Beatty, Robert (Baltimore)
Becker, Max (Baltimore)
Bell, James (Baltimore)
Beltz, George (Baltimore)
Benner, Conrad (Baltimore)
Berger, Norman (Baltimore)
Berkvam, Paul (Baltimore)
Bernadzikowski, Stephen (Baltimore)
Bernalzikowski, Bernard (Baltimore)
Bernstein, Daniel (Baltimore)
Bernstein, Daniel (Baltimore)
Bernstein, Mishel (Baltimore)
Biddison, George (Baltimore)
Bingaman, Russell (Baltimore)
Biscoe, Edward (Baltimore)
Bittner, Thomas (Baltimore)
Black, James (Baltimore)
Blackstock, Gordon (Baltimore)
Blackwell, Hubron (BALTIMORE)
Blake, David (Baltimore )
Blaney, Edward (Baltimore)
Blass, Bernard (Baltimore)
Blatchley, George (Baltimore)
Blitz, Aulis (Baltimore)
Blucher, Vernon (Baltimore)
Bode, Charles (Baltimore)
Bojarski, Frank (Baltimore)
Bolger, James (Baltimore)
Bolin, William (Baltimore)
Bolten, Robert (Baltimore)
Bolton, Robert (Baltimore)
Booz, Edvin (Baltimore)
Bossom, Jack (Baltimore)
Boyle, Robert (Baltimore)
Bradshaw, Rupert (Baltimore)
Brady, Walter (Baltimore)
Brannan, Bernard (Baltimore)
Braucher, Bernard (Baltimore)
Brenton, Charles (Baltimore)
Brick, Daniel (Baltimore)
Brickman, Raoul (Baltimore)
Briggs, William (Baltimore)
Brisbois, Maynard (Baltimore)
Bristor, Charles (Baltimore)
Britt, Thelton (Baltimore)
Brockman, Herbert (Baltimore)
Brockman, Herbert (Baltimore)
Brookhart, William (Baltimore)
Brooks, Norman (Baltimore)
Brostek, Edward (Baltimore)
Brown, John (Baltimore)
Brown, John (Baltimore)
Brown, Warren (Baltimore)
Brown, William (Baltimore)
Browne, Blair (Baltimore)
Browne, Blair (BALTIMORE)
Buchanan, William (Baltimore)
Buchanan, William (Baltimore)
Buck, John (Baltimore)
Buckheit, Leonard (BALTIMORE)
Bugbee, James (Baltimore)
Bunch, Richard (Baltimore)
Burkhardt, George (Baltimore)
Burns, Arthur (Baltimore)
Bush, Harry (Baltimore)
Butcher, Robert (Baltimore)
Butkus, Edward (Baltimore)
Butkus, Edward (Baltimore)
Butts, Robert (Baltimore)
Butts, Robert (BALTIMORE)
Byrne, Richard (Baltimore)
Caldwell, Robert (Baltimore)
Callis, Paul (Baltimore)
Campbell, Francis (Baltimore)
Campbell, Vernon (Baltimore)
Canoles, Wilbur (BALTIMORE)
Carey, George (BALTIMORE)
Carey, George (Baltimore)
Carronski, Chester (Baltimore)
Carver, Howard (Baltimore)
Castoro, Joseph (Baltimore)
Cecce, Joseph (Baltimore)
Cerasin, Konstantin (BALTIMORE)
Cesky, Charles (Baltimore)
Chalk, William (Baltimore)
Chapman, George (BALTIMORE)
Chelton, William (BALTIMORE)
Chenoweth, Howard (Baltimore)
Cherry, James (Baltimore)
Chesney, Alan (Baltimore)
Chester, Casimir (Baltimore)
Chester, Casimir (Baltimore)
Clifton, Warren (Baltimore)
Clisham, Raymond (BALTIMORE)
Cloud, Vivian (Baltimore)
Coilin, Mark (Baltimore)
Cole, Raymond (Baltimore)
Colimore, James (Baltimore)
Conner, Joseph (Baltimore)
Connor, Joseph (Baltimore)
Converso, Pompeo (BALTIMORE)
Converso, Pompeo (Baltimore)
Cooper, Owen (Baltimore)
Cooper, Thomas (Baltimore)
Coplin, Mark (BALTIMORE)
Corkran, Donald (BALTIMORE)
Cornell, Charles (Baltimore)
Costantini, Thomas (Baltimore)
Coulson, Kenneth (Baltimore)
Creighton, Robert (Baltimore)
Crews, Roy (Baltimore)
Croghan, Charles (Baltimore)
Crognan, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Crouse, Robert (Baltimore)
Curland, Robert (Baltimore)
Cyford, Clarence (Baltimore)
Daly, William (Baltimore)
D'amico, Eugene (Baltimore)
Davis, Ernest (Baltimore)
Davis, Harry (Baltimore)
Davis, Joseph (BALTIMORE)
Davis, Robert (Baltimore)
Dawson, Frederick (Baltimore)
Dawson, Stanley (Baltimore)
Day, Robert (Baltimore)
Deaver, Oscar (Baltimore)
Decker, Charles (Baltimore)
Delcher, Melis (Baltimore)
Delp, Gordon (Baltimore)
Derry, Melvin (Baltimore)
Dickel, Courtney (Baltimore)
Dickel, George (Baltimore)
Diclovanni, Anthony (Baltimore)
Didiovanni, Anthony (Baltimore)
Diffendal, Warren (Baltimore)
Dilworth, Garnett (Baltimore)
Dodson, Middleton (Baltimore)
Doenges, Robert (Baltimore)
Dollenger, Louis (Baltimore)
Donahue, Howard (Baltimore)
Doner, Howard (Baltimore)
Donnelly, Charles (Baltimore)
Donovan, Bernard (Baltimore)
Dorsey, Joseph (Baltimore)
Dorsey, Joseph (Baltimore)
Dowdy, John (Baltimore)
Dowdy, Richard (Baltimore)
Dressel, George (Baltimore)
Dudek, Daniel (Baltimore)
Dudley, Hiram (Baltimore)
Durham, Earl (Baltimore)
Dyott, Wilbur (Baltimore)
Eck, Emery (Baltimore)
Eckels, August (Baltimore)
Eckels, August (BALTIMORE)
Eckels, August (BALTIMORE)
Eirich, Robert (Baltimore)
Eisen, Charles (Baltimore)
Ellers, Charles (Baltimore)
Ellis, Lewis (Baltimore)
Eminizer, Robert (Baltimore)
Emmart, Charles (Baltimore)
Erskine, Donal (Baltimore)
Eubank, Louis (Baltimore)
Everhart, Henry (Baltimore)
Everhart, Robert (BALTIMORE)
Eyster, Henry (Baltimore)
Fallat, George (Baltimore)
Falls, Albert (Baltimore)
Farmer, Robert (Baltimore)
Fauntleroy, William (Baltimore)
Fekays, John (BALTIMORE)
Felbinger, Andrew (Baltimore)
Fenyes, James (Baltimore)
Ferrara, Angelo (Baltimore)
Figner, Lawrence (Baltimore)
Finkbinder, Ralph (Baltimore)
Finkbinder, Ralph (BALTIMORE)
Fisher, Carson (Baltimore)
Fitzpatrick, Thomas (Baltimore)
Fleming, Robert (Baltimore)
Floyd, Richard (Baltimore)
Ford, Claud (Baltimore)
Foster, Gerard (Baltimore)
Foster, William (Baltimore)
Fraer, John (Baltimore)
Frainie, Charles (Baltimore)
Frainie, Charles (Baltimore)
Frank, Walter (Baltimore)
Franke, William (BALTIMORE)
Franke, William (Baltimore)
Franklin, Charles (Baltimore)
Franz, Harry (Baltimore)
Frederic, Louis (Baltimore)
Frederick, Edwin (Baltimore)
Freedenburg, Alfred (Baltimore)
Freedenburg, Alfred (Baltimore)
Freitag, Orville (Baltimore)
Frome, Edward (Baltimore)
Funk, Berlin (Baltimore)
Furlong, Walter (Baltimore)
Gaidis, Henry (Baltimore)
Gaidis, Henry (Baltimore)
Gambrill, Donald (Baltimore)
Gardiner, Louis (Baltimore)
Gay, Walter (Baltimore)
Gehring, Bernard (Baltimore)
George, Joseph (Baltimore)
Georgius, William (Baltimore)
Gerasim, Konstantin (Baltimore)
German, Howard (Baltimore)
German, Howard (Baltimore)
Gernand, Robert (Baltimore)
Ggillispie, Bernard (Baltimore)
Gilbert, Loren (Baltimore)
Gill, James (Baltimore)
Gillespie, Wayne (Baltimore)
Gisriel, Vincent (Baltimore)
Glaeser, Charles (Baltimore)
Glass, Leonard (Baltimore)
Glenn, Charles (Baltimore)
Glenn, Charles (Baltimore)
Glotfelty, Emroy (BALTIMORE)
Goetz, Frank (Baltimore)
Goldman, David (BALTIMORE)
Goodman, David (Baltimore)
Goodwin, France (Baltimore)
Grabus, Jerome (Baltimore)
Grau, James (BALTIMORE)
Gre_fell, William (BALTIMORE)
Green, Thomas (Baltimore)
Greenwell, Embert (Baltimore)
Greenwell, Embert (BALTIMORE)
Griffin, Noland (Baltimore)
Griffith, Edward (BALTIMORE)
Griffith, Edward (BALTIMORE)
Griffith, Edward (Baltimore)
Griffitsh, Thomas (Baltimore)
Grochmal, Calvin (Baltimore)
Gross, George (Baltimore)
Gulbranson, H (Baltimore)
Gulin, Isadore (Baltimore)
Gulley, Thomas (Baltimore)
Gumnick, Michael (Baltimore)
Hackett, Kenneth (Baltimore)
Hall, Francis (Baltimore)
Hance, Horace (Baltimore)
Hance, Horace (Baltimore)
Hand, Joseph (BALTIMORE)
Hande, James (Baltimore)
Handler, John (Baltimore)
Hanson, Leonard (BALTIMORE)
Hardesty, Paul (Baltimore)
Hardwick, Jack (Baltimore)
Harris, William (Baltimore)
Harrison, Richard (Baltimore)
Haviland, Edward (Baltimore)
Hawes, Russell (Baltimore)
Haynie, Paul (Baltimore)
Helkowski, John (Baltimore)
Helldorfer, John (Baltimore)
Helms, Eugene (Baltimore)
Hemsley, Richard (Baltimore)
Henderson, Hugh (Baltimore)
Heringer, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Herwig, Albert (Baltimore)
Hickey, Thomas (Baltimore)
Hill, Charles (Baltimore)
Hilliard, Scott (Baltimore)
Hilte, Lawrence (Baltimore)
Hoban, William (BALTIMORE)
Hoffmann, Robert (Baltimore)
Hofstetter, Jack (Baltimore)
Hoover, Bernard (Baltimore)
Hornack, William (Baltimore)
Huegelmeyer, Eugene (Baltimore)
Huff, Virgil (Baltimore)
Hughes, Charles (Baltimore)
Hughes, Harold (Baltimore)
Insley, Howard (Baltimore)
Jackson, John (Baltimore)
Jackson, Joseph (Baltimore)
Jacob, Paul (Baltimore)
Jacobs, Jack (BALTIMORE)
Jensen, Clifton (Baltimore)
Jerome, Richard (Baltimore)
Jeunette, Edward (Baltimore)
Johnson, Leonard (Baltimore)
Johnson, Thomas (Baltimore)
Johnston, Melvin (Baltimore)
Jones, Edward (Baltimore)
Jones, Floyd (Baltimore)
Jones, Richard (Baltimore)
Jones, Richard (Baltimore)
Junsell, Stephen (Baltimore)
Justin, Richard (Baltimore)
Kandra, Francis (Baltimore)
Kane, Bruce (Baltimore)
Keating, Thomas (BALTIMORE)
Keller, James (Baltimore)
Kennedy, Leonard (Baltimore)
Ketchum, John (Baltimore)
Kewak, John (Baltimore)
Keys, William (Baltimore)
Keyser, Paul (Baltimore)
King, Charles (Baltimore)
Kirkwood, Samuel (Baltimore)
Kirkwood, Wilmer (Baltimore)
Kirkwood, Wilmer (Baltimore)
Kitz, John (Baltimore)
Klakring, Donald (Baltimore)
Kline, William (BALTIMORE)
Klus, Ralph (Baltimore)
Knight, James (BALTIMORE)
Koch, Harry (BALTIMORE)
Koenges, Robert (Baltimore)
Koenig, William (Baltimore)
Kolar, Mike (Baltimore)
Kooyan, John (Baltimore)
Kopdu__, John (Baltimore)
Korb, George (Baltimore)
Kowaleski, Richard (Baltimore)
Kowalewski, Hubert (Baltimore)
Kowalski, Konrad (Baltimore)
Kowley, Frank (Baltimore)
Krateel, Anthony (Baltimore)
Kraushar, Hyman (Baltimore)
Kresge, Floyd (Baltimore)
Kummer, Leslie (Baltimore)
Kurek, Louis (Baltimore)
Kusterer, Edward (Baltimore)
Kvedera, Joseph (Baltimore)
La Moreux, Lewis (Baltimore)
Landes, Warren (Baltimore)
Lane, Charles (Baltimore)
Lanius, Walter (Baltimore)
Lavoie, Lionel (Baltimore)
Lawler, John (Baltimore)
Lawrence, James (Baltimore)
Layden, Milton (Baltimore)
Layman, Fred (Baltimore)
Le Brun, George (Baltimore)
Leap, Robert (Baltimore)
Lear, John (Baltimore)
Leavey, Allyn (Baltimore)
Leavey, Allyn (Baltimore)
Lee, Roy (Baltimore)
Legg, John (Baltimore)
Lehardy, Arnold (Baltimore)
Lengrand, Maurice (Baltimore)
Lengrand, Maurice (Baltimore)
Levandoski, Charles (Baltimore)
Levi, William (Baltimore)
Lewis, Earl (Baltimore)
Liebner, Stanley (Baltimore)
Linthicum, Earl (Baltimore)
Linzey, George (BALTIMORE)
Litsinger, Warren (Baltimore)
Lobig, John (Baltimore)
Lobig, John (Baltimore)
Lubinski, Richard (Baltimore)
Lumm, Joseph (BALTIMORE)
Lutche, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Luttrell, Guy (Baltimore)
Lydard, Martin (Baltimore)
Mac Kenzie, John (BALTIMORE)
Mace, William (Baltimore)
Mace, William (Baltimore)
Macguire, James (Baltimore)
Mack, Myron (Baltimore)
Mackenzie, John (BALTIMORE)
Mahaney, John (Baltimore)
Maisch, George (BALTIMORE)
Maisch, Richard (Baltimore)
Makin, George (Baltimore)
Maloney, Raymond (Baltimore)
Manning, Thomas (Baltimore)
Marks, Rudolph (Baltimore)
Marshall, John (Baltimore)
Martinetto, Guy (BALTIMORE)
Matthai, Albert (Baltimore)
May, Roy (Baltimore)
Mayers, Joseph (Baltimore)
Mays, Warren (Baltimore)
Mc C_e_ry, Bruce (Baltimore)
Mc Call, David (Baltimore)
Mc Cann, Charles (Baltimore)
Mc Cann, Richard (Baltimore)
Mc Closkey, James (Baltimore)
Mc Clure, Edward (Baltimore)
Mc Collum, William (Baltimore)
Mc Donald, Wesley (Baltimore)
Mc Donough, Francis (Baltimore)
Mc Govern, John (Baltimore)
Mc Laughlin, James (Baltimore)
Mc Leod, James (Baltimore)
Mc Mahon, Harry (Baltimore)
Mc Neal, Francis (Baltimore)
Mc Pherson, Raymond (Baltimore)
Mccleary, Bruce (Baltimore)
Mccollum, William (Baltimore)
Mcdonald, Wesley (Baltimore)
Mckenney, John (Baltimore)
Mckew, Marshall (Baltimore)
Mclaughlin, James (Baltimore)
Meade, John (Baltimore)
Medinger, Michael (Baltimore)
Mellor, Norman (BALTIMORE)
Metzger, John (Baltimore)
Michael, Bernard (Baltimore)
Miliman, Sidney (Baltimore)
Miller, Arthur (Baltimore)
Miller, Gerard (Baltimore)
Miller, Henry (Baltimore)
Mitchell, Kenneth (Baltimore)
Mitchell, Ralph (Baltimore)
Mitchell, Robert (Baltimore)
Mitchell, Robert (Baltimore)
Moler, Calvin (Baltimore)
Molloy, Francis (Baltimore)
Monkhouse, Blaine (BALTIMORE)
Monkus, Victor (Baltimore)
Moore, Edward (Baltimore)
Morton, Clifford (Baltimore)
Mosberg, Robert (Baltimore)
Mosberg, Robert (BALTIMORE)
Mosberg, Robert (Baltimore)
Mowry, Harry (Baltimore)
Mueller, Vernon (Baltimore)
Mullinix, George (Baltimore)
Munford, John (Baltimore)
Murphy, Albert (Baltimore)
Murphy, Christopher (Baltimore)
Myers, Garland (Baltimore)
Myers, James (BALTIMORE)
Naylor, Lawrence (Baltimore)
Newberger, Christopher (Baltimore)
Noell, William (Baltimore)
Norris, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Norris, Charles (Baltimore)
Northcutt, Robert (Baltimore)
Norwitz, Gerson (Baltimore)
Oates, John (Baltimore)
O'conner, James (BALTIMORE)
O'hare, Leo (BALTIMORE)
Ominsky, William (Baltimore)
O'neill, Fransci (Baltimore)
O'neill, Howard (BALTIMORE)
Orth, Alvin (Baltimore)
Owens, George (Baltimore)
Owens, Harry (Baltimore)
Ozman, Clarence (Baltimore)
P_tty, Hilton (Baltimore)
Pappas, George (Baltimore)
Pardoe, Charles (Baltimore)
Parr, George (Baltimore)
Patterson, William (Baltimore)
Paul, Hyman (Baltimore)
Pavlos, Nickolas (Baltimore)
Pennington, Troy (BALTIMORE)
Pennington, Troy (BALTIMORE)
Permenter, Raymond (BALTIMORE)
Perrine, Lawrence (Baltimore)
Peters, Joseph (Baltimore)
Peters, Lucien (Baltimore)
Peyton, Harry (Baltimore)
Peyton, Harry (Baltimore)
Philipp, George (BALTIMORE)
Phillips, Michael (Baltimore)
Plantholt, Albert (Baltimore)
Polek, John (Baltimore)
Preller, David (Baltimore)
Preller, Henry (Baltimore)
Preller, Henry (Baltimore)
Prostic, Benjamin (Baltimore)
Pulse, Richard (Baltimore)
Purnell, Richard (Baltimore)
Putgenter, Lawrence (Baltimore)
Rainier, Harry (Baltimore)
Ralston, James (Baltimore)
Rausch, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Rebham, William (Baltimore)
Reed, Gentry (Baltimore)
Rehak, John (Baltimore)
Reisz, Edwin (Baltimore)
Remmell, Eugene (Baltimore)
Rentschler, Donald (BALTIMORE)
Requard, Francis (Baltimore)
Richmond, Joseph (Baltimore)
Riley, Charles (Baltimore)
Robbins, Herman (BALTIMORE)
Robbins, Herman (Baltimore)
Roberts, Frank (Baltimore)
Roberts, John (Baltimore)
Robey, William (Baltimore)
Roche, John (Baltimore)
Roehmer, John (Baltimore)
Rokos, Jerome (Baltimore)
Rollman, Paul (Baltimore)
Romeka, William (Baltimore)
Romney, Donald (Baltimore)
Ros _ _ _ , Norman (Baltimore)
Rosen, Alvin (Baltimore)
Rosenberger, Elmer (Baltimore)
Rosner, Norman (Baltimore)
Ruppalt, Francis (Baltimore)
Ruppel, Arthur (Baltimore)
Russell, Samuel (Baltimore)
Rutkovitz, Daniel (BALTIMORE)
Rutkowitz, Daniel (Baltimore)
Sacilotto, Frederick (Baltimore)
Sadzenski, Eugene (Baltimore)
Samuel, Edward (Baltimore)
Sanda, John (BALTIMORE)
Sanders, Raymond (Baltimore)
Sandy, Frank (Baltimore)
Sass, Samuel (Baltimore)
Savage, Eugene (Baltimore)
Schafer, Frank (Baltimore)
Schanberger, Frederick (Baltimore)
Schieve, Bernard (Baltimore)
Schkloven, Isaac (Baltimore)
Schmidt, Edward (Baltimore)
Schoeffield, William (Baltimore)
Schorr, Edward (BALTIMORE)
Schumann, Henry (Baltimore)
Schwartz, Henry (Baltimore)
Scoll, Emanuel (Baltimore)
Scott, Earl (Baltimore)
Shapiro, Leon (Baltimore)
Sharman, John (Baltimore)
Shaw, Charles (Baltimore)
Sheckles, Benjamin (Baltimore)
Sherman, Chester (BALTIMORE)
Shields, David (BALTIMORE)
Shipman, Willard (Baltimore)
Sieling, Harry (Baltimore)
Sielingg, Harry (Baltimore)
Siffrin, Frederick (Baltimore)
Silverstein, Arnold (BALTIMORE)
Simmons, Frederic (Baltimore)
Simmons, Robert (Baltimore)
Simpson, Bruce (Baltimore)
Sinton, Robert (Baltimore)
Skelpsa, Vincent (Baltimore)
Skutnik, John (Baltimore)
Sleaman, Harry (Baltimore)
Sleaman, Harry (BALTIMORE)
Smith, Cecil (Baltimore)
Smith, Harry (Baltimore)
Smith, Malcolm (Baltimore)
Smith, Robert (Baltimore)
Smith, Robert (Baltimore)
Smith, Robert (Baltimore)
Snyder, Kenneth (Baltimore)
Snyder, Robert (Baltimore)
Sohn, Henry (Baltimore)
Sowers, Harold (BALTIMORE)
Spangenberger, Wilbur (Baltimore)
Sparenberg, Charles (Baltimore)
Spi__l_i__, Francis (Baltimore)
Spigelmire, Francis (Baltimore)
Stamp, Norman (BALTIMORE)
Steadman, William (Baltimore)
Steele, William (Baltimore)
Stein, Harry (BALTIMORE)
Stein, Martin (Baltimore)
Steinberg, Abraham (BALTIMORE)
Stephan, Martin (BALTIMORE)
Stern, Samuel (Baltimore)
Stern, Samuel (Baltimore)
Stine, David (Baltimore)
Stine, David (BALTIMORE)
Stirling, John (Baltimore)
Stoner, Robert (Baltimore)
Stover, Gilbert (Baltimore)
Straw, Richard (Baltimore)
Sturm, William (Baltimore)
Sturm, William (Baltimore)
Suehs, Joseph (Baltimore)
Sullivan, Ernest (BALTIMORE)
Sunkel, John (Baltimore)
Sweet, George (Baltimore)
Sweitzer, Norman (Baltimore)
Szafasz, Luis (Baltimore)
Szmajda, Stanley (Baltimore)
Szymanski, Theodore (Baltimore)
Tabb, William (Baltimore)
Tarr, Milton (Baltimore)
Taylor, George (Baltimore)
Teacher, Jeffery (Baltimore)
Thomas, Ralph (Baltimore)
Thompson, William (Baltimore)
Thomson, Robert (Baltimore)
Thornton, Jack (Baltimore)
Thornton, William (BALTIMORE)
Thornton, William (Baltimore )
Thrush, Thomas (Baltimore)
Thuma, Jeremiah (Baltimore)
Tillman, Herman (Baltimore)
Tolson, Carroll (Baltimore)
Tomalonis, Walter (Baltimore)
Tompkins, Ralph (Baltimore)
Tracy, William (Baltimore)
Trentzsch, William (Baltimore)
Tressel, Robert (Baltimore)
Trice, Charles (Baltimore)
Tsottles, Gus (Baltimore)
Tustin, Richard (Baltimore)
Valiant, Edward (Baltimore)
Vallero, Vincent (Baltimore)
Vander Wiere, Harold (Baltimore)
Velker, John (Baltimore)
Verbitski, John (Baltimore)
Vick, Alfred (BALTIMORE)
Vick, Alfredo (BALTIMORE)
Vitek, Joseph (Baltimore)
Vogel, Daniel (Baltimore)
Vogt, Leonard (Baltimore)
Vogt, Leonard (Baltimore)
Volipini, Henry (Baltimore)
Volipini, Henry (Baltimore)
Volpini, Henry (Baltimore)
Volrath, Vincent (Baltimore)
Wagner, Louis (Baltimore)
Wagner, Michael (Baltimore)
Wagner, Michael (Baltimore)
Wagner, William (Baltimore)
Waibel, Edward (Baltimore)
Wallace, Carroll (Baltimore)
Wallace, Edward (Baltimore)
Wallace, Neal (Baltimore)
Walmsley, Paul (Baltimore)
Walter, Charles (Baltimore)
Walter, Charles (BALTIMORE)
Ward, Francis (Baltimore)
Warner, Warren (Baltimore)
Washington, Raymond (Baltimore)
Watkins, John (Baltimore)
Watson, John (Baltimore)
Watson, John (Baltimore)
Weaver, Harry (Baltimore)
Weaver, Harry (Baltimore)
Webb, George (Baltimore)
Weber, Frank (Baltimore)
Weber, Harry (Baltimore)
Weckesser, Clarence (Baltimore)
Weider, Henry (Baltimore)
Weiner, Max (Baltimore)
Weiner, Max (Baltimore)
Wenerski, Edward (Baltimore)
Westlake, Edward (Baltimore)
Weyer, Frank (Baltimore)
Wheeler, Parker (Baltimore)
White, Robert (Baltimore)
Whitney, Albert (BALTIMORE)
Whitty, Walter (Baltimore)
Wible, James (BALTIMORE)
Wieczorkowski, Alfred (BALTIMORE)
Wiley, Roger (Baltimore)
Wilhelm, Roland (Baltimore)
Williams, Edler (Baltimore)
Williams, Rodman (Baltimore)
Winkler, William (Baltimore)
Winner, Seymour (Baltimore)
Winstead, James (Baltimore)
Wirth, Louis (Baltimore)
Wise, Eugene (Baltimore)
Wittman, John (Baltimore)
Wode, Howard (Baltimore)
Woehlke, Robert (Baltimore)
Wood, Robert (Baltimore)
Woodland, Samuel (BALTIMORE)
Woods, William (Baltimore)
Woodward, James (Baltimore)
Yakel, Jerome (Baltimore)
Yendall, Thomas (BALTIMORE)
Yendall, Thomas (BALTIMORE)
Yienger, Walter (Baltimore)
Young, George (Baltimore)
Young, Howard (Baltimore)
Young, Kendall (Baltimore)
Young, Vernon (BALTIMORE)
Zalk, Herbert (Baltimore)
Zbud, John (Baltimore)
Zeller, James (Baltimore)
Zinser, Francis (Baltimore)
Blick, Ambler (Catonsville)
Hattersley, Joseph (Catonsville)
Hepting, Albert (CATONSVILLE)
Kanode, Robert (Catonsville)
Kennedy, Robert (Catonsville)
Lambert, Raymond (Catonsville)
Lockard, Spaulding (Catonsville)
Lockard, Spaulding (Catonsville)
Lucas, Arthur (Catonsville)
Lucas, Arthur (CATONSVILLE)
Scannell, Cornelius (Catonsville)
Smith, Fielder (Catonsville)
Williamson, Albert (CATONSVILLE)
Boyd, Thomas (Cockeysville)
Howard, James (Cockeysville)
Baber, Chester (Dundalk)
Busse, Howard (Dundalk)
Enston, Harry (Dundalk)
Graham, Charles (Dundalk)
Hintenach, Albert (Dundalk)
Kovatch, Andrew (Dundalk)
Lawton, James (Dundalk)
Sakowski, Gustave (Dundalk)
Yurek, Thomas (Dundalk)
Blake, Benjamin (Essex)
Crisman, William (Essex)
Deck, John (Essex)
Jones, Edward (Essex)
Belt, Robert (Glyndon)
Brehm, Herbert (Halethorpe)
Kreatschman, Edward (Halethorpe)
Baldwin, Harry (Hydes)
Gibson, Samuel (Middle River)
Grunberg, Manfred (Middle River)
Rathell, Harry (Middle River)
Riggles, Thomas (Middle River)
Riggles, Thomas (Middle River)
Riggles, Thomas (Middle River)
Rollins, John (Middle River)
Voosen, Bernard (Middle River)
Cochran, John (Monkton)
Barnard, Charles (Parkville)
Chilcoat, James (parkville)
Gressitt, Tillman (Phoenix)
Creaghan, Robert (Pikesville)
Frederick, Walter (Pikesville)
Greaghan, Robert (Pikesville)
Hill, Elbridge (Pikesville)
Klein, Francis (Pikesville)
Klien, Francis (Pikesville)
Miller, Donald (Pikesville)
Kirk, Vernon (Randallstown)
Buck, Howard (Reisterstown)
Barnes, Leonard (Sparrows Point)
Ericson, Donald (Sparrows Point)
Ericson, Donald (Sparrows Point)
Haney, Joseph (Sparrows Point)
Hornack, Frank (Sparrows Point)
Llewellyn, Paul (Sparrows Point)
Mc Jilton, Walter (Sparrows Point)
Brewster, Louis (Towson)
Ford, John (Towson)
Hammond, Dilworth (Towson)
Huber, Erwin (Towson)
Thompson, John (Towson)
Wheeler, Jordon (Upperco)

Servicemen From Baltimore County: 787

The Army Air Corps Library and Museum project is the transcription and creation of extracts from official U.S. military documents. This page quantifies the number of military servicemen personnel that enlisted in World War II in Baltimore County Maryland.. The results are grouped by County sorted by city and the name of each serviceman. County grouping is a method of consolidating research and collating data that is typical of history recordings and genealogical research. We have published this data on a variety of websites organized by the overseas combat unit where the serviceman served.

Genealogist Research Tools: If you are searching for ancestors or the history of a county, this database of military personnel records and factoids will aid your research. If you have a list, spreadsheet, database of Baltimore County veterans that you would share for this database, please Contact Us.

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