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Missing Aircrew Reports

When the U.S. lost an aircraft behind enemy lines an accounting of that aircraft and crew were made, these became known as missing aircraft reports or MACRS. These reports can range in length from a couple pages to dozens. What can be found in a MACR? Not all MACRs are created equal but generally all contain the aircraft basics; plane type, group-squadron attached, date, pilot and any crew and often the disposition of the men. Other material you may encounter in a MACR includes: name, addresses of family-hometown, maps, eyewitness statements, correspondence, Red Cross documents, pictures, even German documentation and POW status. An important distinction needs to be made between MACRs and accidents. For example, a plane crash on takeoff would not be found as a MACR. A plane that crashed in England while returning damaged from a mission would also not be a MACR.

We have obtained almost all of the MACRs from World War II and this material will be posted for your viewing and research. Initially, the basic data on each file will be provided and then the copy of the physical MACR itself. MACRs have helped account and document those airmen Killed In Action or those that Evaded, became Prisoners of War (POW) and even those still Missing In Action (MIA). This data is being merged and linked to our other databases enabling us to more fully tell the story of the individual.

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