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Monetary Donations

Following are a number of projects that we seek donations, grants and other funding so that we can further our mission. As a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, your qualifying donations are tax deductible. We accept monetary and other asset based donations to support our operations and long term plans.

Everyday Operations

Cash donations support our everyday operations. They enable us to purchase archival materials to preserve artifacts, cases to exhibit items and much more. Every physical donation we receive has a cost associated with it as these historical artifacts go through a multi-step process when they are received and then become available for public viewing. Please support our ongoing operations.

I. Preservation of Donations
Preserving artifacts when they arrive is our first priority. Many arrive in damaged boxes, papers just stacked loosely. They have been stored randomly for years at the mercy of weather, moths and other factors. Every physical donation has a cost associated with it as it goes through our process that gets it ready for exhibit and even includes their secure storage fee. For each donation-acquisition we need: - zip lock bags - plastic tub(s) - binder(s) - acid free page sleeves - hangars - garment bags / covers

II. Display of Donations
Depending upon the type of donation there may be items that are needed to display these items. We have a need for a number of the following items for the current collection as well as future requirements. - lucite stands for photos and placards - rikers cases for patches, photos, medals, souveniers. - mannequins for uniform display

III. Web Operation
Currently as of 11/1/2019 we have nearly 200,000 web pages and are preparing data for the addition of 100,000 more. The hosting operation is a monthly cost ($375) and with this growth we are going to be needing more storage and thus incur additional monthly cost. Thank you for supporting us in this initiative.

IV. Email Newsletter
We use Constant Contact for our monthly newsletter. Our cost for this service is $100/month.

V. Photos
We have over 100,000 photos in the collection. Many are loose or in albums. - We need these photos scanned and placed on our website.

VI. Award Documents
We have over 50,000 pages of award documents. Currently this material is being transcribed by volunteers around the country. - we need many more volunteers or paid transcriptionists to move this project forward more quickly.

VII. MIAs Database and Research Library
- we have 40000 pages of after-action reports that need to be completed - digital process and placed in pdf format. - these documents will then be optimized for web and uploaded to our MIA database.

VIII. MACR Database
- We have hundreds of MACRs (Missing Air Crew Reports). Names of all servicemen on these reports needs to be extracted and place in our searchable database.

IX. Webmaster / Administrator
- We receive many photos / scans weekly. We require personnel to take this shared/donated material and post it on the appropriate website. - We have an enormous backlog of material in which to add.

X. Online School & Learning
Our STEM-HG based programs need $100,000 to create an online learning facility and the first batches of learning videos that can be subscribed by schools.

XI. Mobile - Education Program
Currently directors use their own vehicles to deliver material for programs at schools. Items can be setup for days. Some schools have display cabinets for use, others do not. - We would like to obtain a pickup truck, 30+ foot trailer and locking display cases on casters that we can deliver and setup for these exhibits. A veterans speaking engagement is coordinated with this exhibit for the school including the attendance of parents and families. - We would like to obtain a 2nd pickup truck, 30+ foot trailer that can house a mini-mobile-museum where people can walk inside to view display cases of artifacts.

XII. Education Center
We would like to establish an education center in the North Texas area where we can display large portions of the collection and hold education programs for people of all ages.

Want to make a donation in the memory of a veteran on behalf of someone? Make a minimum donation of $25 and then send us an email with the name of the veteran, the name of the person and their email address. We will send them the 'in memoriam on behalf of' letter.

Monetary donations can be in the form of checks or credit cards. Credit card donations use the 'donate' link below. Contact us to mail checks.

Asset Based Donations

We do accept non-monetary based donations. Please contact us to discuss.

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The Army Air Corps Library and Museum is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, your qualifying donations are tax deductible.

Contact us if you are contemplating a donation of any kind.

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Thank you for helping us preserve and honor this special history.


Do you have items such as papers, photos, uniforms, gear and other artifacts? Read more about Supporting the AALCM.

Volunteers Needed

We need help with transcribing data. Unit histories, personnel rosters and group records to digital. Want to help? Contact Us

Servicemen Data

If you have any data on servicemen rosters and their units and would like to submit it to our digital library; please Contact Us