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1940s wwii soldiers on slide  jim in front 1940s wwii stein 1940s wwii unknown 01 1940s wwii unknown 02 1940s wwii unknown 03 1940s wwii unknown 04 1942 10 wwii lansing michigan  thelma fuller  jim council 1943 wwii 2 w cameras  jim council on left 1944 p38 sally lou  part of 28th photo recon squad 1944 wwii jim and ground crew of photo 1944 08 04 misc planes 1945 wwii pi bob hope show  jim in middle 1992 06 plaque to 28th photo recon listing locations picture map of oahu unk unknown unknow jim council wwii  39b 1941 12 07 pearl harbor wwii 28th recon insignia 01 wwii 28th recon insignia 02 wwii babel thuap  air field wwii jim l wwii repair ship wwii unknown 01 wwii unknown 02

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