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1st Air Force

The 1st Air Force was redesignated as such in early 1941. It was constitued as the Northeast Air District on October 19, 1940 which was activated on December 18, 1940.

The 1st Air Force trained new groups and, replacements for combat units; it also provided air defense for the Eastern U.S. until 1943.

1st Army Air Forces Patch 1st Air Force

1st Army Air Forces Patch

Constituted as Northeast Air District on 19 Oct 1940. Activated on 18 Dec 1940. Redesignated First AF early in 1941. Trained new organizations and, later, replacements for combat units. Also provided air defense for the eastern US until 1943. Assigned to Air Defense Command in Mar 1946 and to Continental Air Command in Dec 1948, being concerned primarily with air defense until 1949 and with reserve and national guard activities thereafter.

Commands. I Bomber (later assigned to Second AF and redesignated XX Bomber Command): 1941-1942. I Bomber (Antisubmarine Command prior to assignment to First AF): 1943-1946. I Fighter: 1941-1946. I Ground Air Support: 1941-1942.

Stations. Mitchel Field, NY, 18 Dec 1940; Ft Slocom, NY, 3 Jun 1946; Mitchel AFB, NY, 17 Oct 1949-.

Commanders. Maj Gen James E Chaney, 18 Dec 1940; Maj Gen Herbert A Dargue, 24 Jun 1941; Brig Gen Arnold N Krogstad, 10 Dec 1941; Maj Gen Follett Bradley, 5 Mar 1942; Maj Gen James E Chaney, 23 Jul 1942; Maj Gen Ralph Royce, 18 Apr 1943; Maj Gen Frank O'D Hunter, 17 Sep 1943; Maj Gen Robert W Douglass Jr, 20 OCt 1945; Maj Gen Robert M Webster, 16 Jul 1947; Maj Gen Glenn O Barcus, 1 Sep 1949; Maj Gen Willis H Hale, 17 Jul 1950; Maj Gen James P Hodges, 27 Feb 1951; Col Joseph A Bulger, 1 Sep 1951; Maj Gen Howard M Turner, 9 Aug 1952; Maj Gen Roger J Browne, May 1954-.

Campaigns. American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. A white star charged with a red disc in the center and with golden orange stylized wings below the Arabic number "I" in white, all on a blue disc. (Approved 18 Jan 1944.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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